Child Inclusive Practice Family Dispute Resolution

Child Inclusive Practice Family Dispute Resolution Devon

Mediation service Devon has gathered a major foothold in the last few decades. It has become more popular than normal court litigation because of the following reason:-
1. Mediation service is less expensive and is cost efficient than a normal court proceeding. Mediation services are reasonably priced and are nominally charged.

2. Mediation is generally less stressful than normal litigation process. The procedure is simple and complex and there is not much bureaucracy or red tape to be followed.

3. Mediation services Devon take less time. In other words, the procedure does not involve much time and cases are solved without any hassles. This is particularly helpful if there are children involved. Since, cases are resolved quickly; the child’s future is not disrupted in any manner.

4. Everything is confidential and takes place in a hushed up manner behind closed doors. In other words, secrecy is maintained. No third party is allowed to know about the proceedings.

5. The best part of mediation services is that everything is decided upon without any kind of bias or impartiality. In other words, one can be assured of a fair trial. Mediators do not follow any type nepotism or favoritism.

6. An added benefit of mediation service is that parties can themselves take part in the whole process. They can not only make decisions, but can also make necessary decisions.

7. Mediation is particularly beneficial; when there are children involved mainly because of the fact that the decision taken are less stressful and do not require much time. This stops the child’s career from getting hampered.

Talking about family dispute resolution involving children; the parents can follow the following tips:-

1. First and fore most, the child is not a trophy to be won, but a gift to be cherished. In other words, while going through some dispute with your spouse do take care of the fact that you anyhow do not harm the child. In other words, the future of the child should not be harmed.

2. Never ever, bad mouth your ex. This not only creates a bad impression, but can also make the case work against your favor.

3. Do take the ultimate decision taking into consideration, the needs of the child, his education, his upbringing, the activities surrounding him etc.

4. During separation, do consider taking a residence order on behalf of the child, This will clear who the child will live with after the final settlement is made.

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