What Is Shuttle Mediation And Does It Work?

What Is Shuttle Mediation And Does It Work Devon?

Many people going through the separation process also go through the process of shuttle mediation. You can find a Family Mediation Service provider in Devon who provides such services. You can undergo shuttle mediation by contacting a Family Mediation Service provider in Devon.

In shuttle mediation, the two parties in dispute sit in different rooms while the mediator ‘shuttles’ between them. The mediator does so while trying to reach an agreement.

This form may be used in the case where domestic abuse has happened in the relationship. There are cases where the couple are not meant to be in the same room together as they fight or as one of them feels much intimidated by the other, leading to less probability of mediation to be successful.

Majority of mediators dislike the process of shuttle mediation as they know the fact that talking about the things through face to face is the best possible way for resolving matters. Shuttle mediation can be a good way to avoid court for people who just cannot or should not mediate in the same room.

There are cases where mediators face the situation of one of the party getting angrier with the mediator when they speak to the other client about the views on the finances. This can also go to a dangerous point where the mediators feel the risk of violence being used.

It takes much effort from the side of the mediator to calm down the client in such cases, but this type of event shows how there is a definite “shoot the messenger” issue with shuttle mediation which is not good for the mediator. So it is wise to deal carefully with cases requiring shuttle mediation.

But also there have been many success stories with shuttle mediation as well. There are cases where both parties would not have spoken for many years. But as they start off with the process of shuttle mediation for their first few sessions, together they agree for mediation in the same room.

There are cases where parties later agree to a parenting plan between them and take care that they reach an agreement which is fair to both of them. Shuttle mediation has worked successfully in many cases where the cases have been complex.

It is decided by the mediator on a case to case basis that whether there will be a need for this form of mediation or not. The family mediation process is beneficial to resolve any form of dispute between the two parties and shuttle mediation is also just a type of this.

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